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Rain on Roof

Loved it.

The Devil Lancer - Astrid Amara

Loved it.

The slowly built bleakness of war, interwoven with a paranormal aspect was nicely done. I was expecting to be completely depressed, and while it was sad and miserable in parts it was occasionally uplifting. I think this was down to Elliot. He was such a great character. Ilyas was magic too and appealed to my love of tall, dark and broody. There were definitely parts that were a bit hard to read, re war and battle. But it fit within the context of the story. I am a compete sap for an epilogue, this was had me rather warm and fuzzy.

I read another review that mentioned pacing, and I would have to agree. However, for me this was not a deal breaker. I read fast, so long books suit me to read. I feel like I've gotten bang for my buck. It reminded me of the length of The Archer's Heart... Perhaps not quite as long!

So, great book by one of my auto by authors that ticked all the boxes of a great mid winters read.