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Spoilers ahoy.

The Raven King - Nora Sakavic

When I finished this at some godawful hour, I then spent time thinking about what it was all about. I think it's intimacy. Letting people in or close seems to be what it's all about. Took me a while to pick up on that. O_o

This is one of the slowest burns of a book I've read. Finally though, near the end of the damn story, stuff happens that forces Neil to start to realise that he's got feelings for people in his team. That maybe friendship might be worth it. Till that time, he's really locked down so when he does start to open up, it's quite noticeable. Andrew is hurt and it galvanises him into action, he suddenly becomes not only a protector, but kind of a fixer of problems.

Th book on the whole seems really subtle, you need to almost read for clues. There is this one bit that Neil places Andrew's hand on his stomach. Wow. Just this one thing, I re read it so many times. It was a bit of a break through. By this time I was obsessing over every little look and wondering if it meant anything. Touching seemed pretty concrete! Sigh. I guess there is also another bit where Neil is starting to care, but he doesn't seem aware of his actions, he talks to another character about Andrew and specifically asks about their relationship. I don't think he knows how telling this is. There is also the knowledge the other characters have that if they want Andrew to do anything, Neil is the go to guy. It is so subtle.

So, liked it quite a lot. It gets totally grim in parts. It uses one of my least favourite plot devices. It was full of drama and angst. I was up till 2 reading it. There is NO part three published at this time. Arrrrrghhhhh.