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Cute. There's chinchillas!

Gumption & Gumshoes - Alex Kidwell

Really liked the start of this book, good ratcheting of tension but the money shot came a little too soon for me. 

I liked the characters, August is kind of cute and bumbling and shifting into a chinchilla made for lots of cute youtube viewing to find out what the hell they were. Sam was macho, surly and a grump which again ticked my boxes but I kinda lost it in the middle. I think sex was a little too quick maybe. Too much insta love and feeling. I imagine if you're that hurt you're going to hang onto it a little longer than Sam did. 

I also found the shifting viewpoint not to my liking. I like to be in one head, not 3. A cute read, definitely an author I'd pick up again, just a few issues.