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Kid Christmas Meets Snow Globes - Eric Arvin So, Father Christmas has popped his clogs and it is down to the new Father Christmas, or should I say Kid Christmas to get Christmas sorted with the help of the Committee to Oversee the Christening of Kringle. AKA COCK. heh.This is a delightful one handed reading, with more euphemisms than you can shake a stick at. I was sniggering from start to finish. What made it more entertaining was some seriously gorgeous and grubby illustrations from Absolutbleu. I liked the writing style and funny asides from the author and the unapologetic naughtiness of the story. Kid Christmas has a seriously fantastic ass that gets into all sorts of mischief and I have fingers crossed there might be some more goodness in store and another chance to take down (or on) the dastardly Snow Globes. heh.Definitely appealing for those who enjoy Boytoons and something just a little bit risqué! http://sharrow.wordpress.com/2009/06/01/kid-christmas-meets-snow-globes-by-eric-arvin/