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Rain on Roof

Out of My Mind - M.L. Rhodes As I’ve said previously, I am a huge fan of the unrequited best friend - I love you but don’t want to lose you - romance at the moment. This was a great read and I am fast becoming a total junkie for M.L. Rhodes work.There is something very sexy about having a secret love. Every look, inadvertent touch and word is layered with meaning and I think the tension that the author created was hot. Often authors stray into the gay for you shtick, which does not float my boat, so I think she handled Rafferty coming to terms with his feelings for Nick beautifully. What I felt was particularly hot was the scene on the boat. That feeling of pent-up sexual desire and need was smokin and I do believe my spectacles were a little fogged. merow.I don’t think the author pulled too many punches with Rafferty’s coming out either. It was not all roses and bunnies, but did to a certain degree have a romance novel buffer between reality and fiction. A book well worth reading with smexy goodness.http://sharrow.wordpress.com/2009/04/04/out-of-my-mind-by-ml-rhodes/