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Rain on Roof

Intimate Traitors - Astrid Amara When Ravi’s arrested, Armen wants to help him. But he can’t risk compromising his position. Yet his power over Ravi proves too much temptation. Armen can’t resist the lure of Ravi’s body, shackled and at his mercy. From Loose Id.This is the 2nd book by Astrid I have read and what a sweet little read. The book is set sometime in the future where the previous corrupt government has been overtaken by an even bigger group of tyrants. Armen does the best he can to fight for the rebels from his position as one of the top interrogators at a prison. Ravi, his former lover, is captured during a government raid and taken into custody. Armen is in the difficult position of having to either try and save Ravi or keep working for the resitistance. The world building was tight and believable and made me think of all those wicked sci fi movies I love like Equilibrium (I think it was the uniform, less the plot of the movie!). I kept having visions of Christian Bale striding about in his black frock coat as I was reading this. I admit to being somewhat of a geek! The tech was good, not too over the top, so I really had a good mental picture. Definitely believable and did not suffer from the dreadful, *I must think of another word for everyday device* syndrome. Yay for you, Astrid! Armen was sexy, dispassionate and cool. At least until Ravi arrives. As for Ravi, merow. The chemistry between the two was delightfully hot. Some of the smex took place in the prison itself so there was a very smokin power dynamic going on and an element of submission. Armen certainly takes charge, boy howdy does he! This was a great afternoon read and am looking forward to more ebook goodness by this author.So, a sexy 99 pages of sci fi reading, you can get it here at Loose Id.Check out my blog for my fantastically cool reviews, interviews and other assorted stuff.