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Snow Angel - Sharon Maria Bidwell Synopsis from Loose Id.Dean likes April. April’s brother Jay loves Dean. When Dean finds out how Jay feels it raises difficult questions of his sexuality. If he doesn’t get his act together quick, he’s gonna lose two friends and one true love. (Keep thinking of this Blur song Girls And Boys when I read this excerpt! Here. My only excuse is it’s been a long week…).This has to be one of my favorite recent reads.Jay was instantly likable and is a guy who has had a thing for the boy next door for more years than he can remember. He was gutsy, comfortable with his sexuality, intelligent, and kinda geeky and sweet. You cannot help but fall for his character and yeah, maybe drool over his bishōnen hair and looks just a bit.Dean I had to learn to like. He was an asshat a great deal of the time. Big, insensitive, mechanic, beer drinking, emotionally challenged prick and yeah, maybe a pig… and I just adored him. Getting in touch with my inner masochist, much?? I don’t usually have a yen for D/s but there was something about Dean that really floated my boat.What I found moving was Dean’s internal conflict. Coming to terms with being in love with his best friend and the desire that he has to have seriously nasty, hot sex… in the bed, on the floor, on a towel by the door, in the tub, in the car, up against the mini-bar… you get the idea. It all provided provided some seriously delicious angst.I kinda liked how Sharon Maria Bidwell illustrated that Dean had layers (ogres have layers… and onions too). He is a man who thinks deeply about things and his struggle to be honest with himself and admit to his feelings for Jay is pretty touching.The sex is hot and made my toes curl, srsly! There is an edge in Dean and he could be incredibly controlling to the point where the book pushed a few of my own boundaries. I think this is why it is even hotter when he looses it himself and it makes you wonder, who is really the one submitting, Dean or Jay? The language is pretty earthy and frank but this just made more appealing and a little wild. Merow!In Angel Heart you see more of the boys. There is more of Dean coming to terms with his life a month or ten down the track. He is frustrated at times and finds the constrictions of society maddening. He just wants to be able to put his arm around his boy and maybe kiss him in public without fear of censure. A simple thing. Not that he’d give a rats ass if anyone complained, if that makes sense, but he is pretty much a man used feeling self assured. Which is why it makes such good reading and despite being a mere 70 pages I thought this was delightful epilogue.You can get the goodness at Loose ID and Sharon Maria Bidwell has a website here. She also has a fantasy series called The Swithin Chronicles with some srsly hot more than one-somes action.Check out the live and color version here>>>http://sharrow.wordpress.com/2008/07/24/snow-angel-by-sharon-maria-bidwell/