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Rain on Roof

Daybreak - Keira Andrews Lucas and Nate enjoyed eight nights of forbidden romance at Hanukkah. Now they’re living together and reveling in the freedom. When painful betrayal shatters their happiness, can their relationship last in the light of day?From Loose Id.I really enjoyed reading Keria Andrews book, Love Match, which was also published by Loose Id. My tennis slash googles were firmly on! So, was looking forward to reading this new one. It’s about two young men at the beginning of their relationship and dealing with the issues of coming out, jealousy and learning to live together. The first book about Lucas and Nate is a short story so it’s nice to see a full length follow up.For the most part I enjoyed the book, the romance was sweet and there was plenty of drama and angst. I think the portrayal of these boys rang true for me as they’re both just so young and bound to screw it up at some point. This did not make the betrayal any less heartbreaking, even if it fit within the context of the story. It didn’t make make me like it. If there is one thing in a romance that gets my goat it’s infidelity, it’s a thing I have. Keira Andrews does some clever writing in the way she makes the reader feel for her characters. Initially I had a great deal of sympathy and understanding for Lucas. Because she very slowly reveals who Nate is and how he feels, I think it’s a little more compelling as you came to fully understand why he is the way he is and the reasons behind his actions. This made for some interesting reading, however I could not get away from the fact that these guys are young and I wondered if the romance would last in the long run. Cynic much? A contemporary romance with such young characters is definitely a difficult idea and while I am all about the hearts and bunnies, maybe there is too much of a pragmatist in me to imagine they’ll live their happily ever after. I think I’m ok with that though, I don’t think every relationship has to end with that ride off into the sunset on a glittery pony. I cannot say I enjoyed it as much as I did Love Match, but considering the very difficult nature of this premise I think it was well written and it was nice to see the exploration of a relationship that was already in progress. I’ll be interested to see what she put out next, as I do enjoy her writing. http://sharrow.wordpress.com/