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Drawn Together - Z.A. Maxfield ory meets Yamane, the girl of his dreams, but it turns out she’s a man! Before he has a chance to figure out what that means, someone’s trying to kill him. Yamane needs a knight, and Rory is the only guy around. This book is seriously cute. But, is one of those reads that you need to pull on you big suspension of disbelief pants for. Not that the book pretends to be anything other than this, it was quick, sweet, with over the top drama and much campy fun. It’s kinda yaoi in a way and reminded me of something Jen said, … it didn’t attempt to do anything other than entertain you.Some of the story felt like it stalled occasionally, and part way through I just wanted the boys to cut line, drop pants and swap man juice (in a very safe, tied condom way of course). It was admittedly a little frustrating as a reader. There was much moving around of characters that seemed a little unnecessary at times and did not really drive the story. Bit LOTR minus the talking about the scenery. The characters were sweet and I liked Yamane immensely, it was the hair that did it and I kept thinking of Ayano Yamane when I read his name (I just adore her). Yamane was so honest and at ease with himself and physically he was terribly appealing. Rory was a very solid character and a good foil for Yamane. A total hero in a plaid shirt. I was sucked in by the PL Nunn cover, completely. I love her work, especially her Clex and Silver stuff. She rocks.All in all, a nice enough read. Review and links herehttp://sharrow.wordpress.com/2009/03/22/drawn-together-by-z-a-maxfield/