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Rain on Roof

The Valde: Water - Astrid Amara First off, this is not merman pron. You grubs! I have been hanging out for this book. The last behemoth I read by Astrid Amara was The Archers Heart. Water was loads shorter, but definitely no less entertaining.This novel felt a little different than her others, as there was a bit of scene setting and world building about the Valde throughout the book and I am hoping this indicates more stories to follow. Fingers crossed! In saying that, I think a book that is at the beginning of a series is often written quite differently to one further down the track and Water was certainly in contrast to previous work by the author. Joel’s sadness and pain at losing his lover was compelling. He was a sympathetic character and just so miserable at losing Charlie, but not to the point of throwing himself into oncoming traffic. Which might sound a little odd, I know, but I want a bit of backbone in my characters. Not someone who is going to fold at the first sign of trouble and spend most of the book sitting in his room listening to 30 Seconds To Mars. Joel is made of sterner stuff! heh. Our other hero is a little more difficult to describe without giving away spoilers. He has a harder edge than Joel and later in the book seemed a little cold at times, which was at odds with how the book started. He is rather hot, demanding and sexy though and I’m quite shallow, so this more than made up for it. The story was a thriller/fantasy/horror and had me on the edge of my seat. It almost had a movie like narrative style and makes for a vivid reading experience. An enjoyable book and I am hoping there will be a more. Check out the links below to get the book.