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Rain on Roof

Dragon's Kiss - Ally Blue I spent many hours, when I was younger, ferreting off to read Valley of the Horses and other such gems from Jean M. Auel. All that shagging behind rocks and bushes is apparently firmly entrenched in my psyche, so I do have a penchant for any book where the main characters are in loin cloths and doing the subsistence living thing. Totally floats my boat.The sexual tension and dynamic between Bear and Dragon is a winner. They have lots of furtive and longing looks, along with a bit of voyeurism and the old I’ll wash your back shtick. Which all made for some luscious reading! I also liked the sense of size in Bear and the sinewy strength and litheness of Dragon. merow.The book definitely felt like a start of a series and it was quite short, but I am hoping there will be more Bear and Dragon goodness and smex behind bushes. I have my fingers crossed. heh.http://sharrow.wordpress.com/2009/07/08/dragons-kiss-by-ally-blue/