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Rain on Roof

Gaylife.com - Neil Plakcy I’ve enjoyed reading the Mahu series by Neil Plakcy immensely, so was keen to read his latest book from MLR Press. While his other books focus more on the mystery and to a lesser degree Kimo’s coming out and love life, GayLife.com is firmly in the romance category.Brian is such an honest character, complete with flaws and the odd annoying personality trait. As for his hunky boss I read less about him than I perhaps would have liked, which is unusual I guess in a romance novel where the central plot revolves around the two love birds and their merry trip off into connubial bliss. +sex. What the book did remind me of was not dissimilar to a chick lit romance complete with a cast of interesting extras, much hieing around, a few disastrous attempts at love and a flatmate in a pear tree.While I did enjoy the novel, the sexy boss could have done with a little more development and there was a lot of detail about the comings and goings of Brian and the website. I am a bit of a geek, but there was almost too much internets even for me in there! It had a sweet and satisfying ending though and much smooching. Definitely an entertaining and sexy read with a difference. Check it out here at Neil Plakcy’s Website or via MLR Press Website and All Romance eBooks. AND that cover rawks!http://sharrow.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/gaylife-com-by-neil-plakcy/