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The Protector - N.L. Gassert When Soren Buchanan decides to leave working for his abusive, crime boss father he goes to the FBI for help. He is placed with former US Army Ranger Mason Ward, who has become a security specialist and lives an idillic life on board his yacht in Guam. Keeping Soren safe and at arms length should have been a cinch, but this proves more difficult than Mason anticipates and their attraction becomes harder to ignore, despite the presence of very real danger.This was an wickedly enjoyable read. There was a great balance of strong characters, vivid surroundings and loads of over the top action.Mason’s rather overwhelming masculinity (and muscularity O-o) was a great hook and his care for Soren is sweet, especially as his head is telling him to do the opposite! Mason is rather gruff and certainly makes the redhead work for it. Though Soren might need some rehabilitation, to get rid of his of his bad boy habits, you can see the willingness of Mason to stay and put in the hard yards. Their burgeoning relationship is fraught with sexual tension that builds beautifully and when Mason finally lets desire kind of take over, the surrender and passion builds up to some seriously sexy writing.The pacing was good, although near the beginning there is rather a jump from when Soren arrives on the boat and then all of a sudden it seems to be some time down the track. Despite this, The Protector was an wonderfully engaging and sexy read, which kept me up way past my bedtime!It is available in paperback, mobi and epub via the Seventh Window website. NL Gassert also has a great blog which is worth a nosey.http://sharrow.wordpress.com/2009/07/20/the-protector-by-nl-gassert/