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Zahn #1 - Patrick Fillion Zahn is a barbarian who lives in a small village called Mazudun in the land of Varda. As men are want to do, he sets off on a vision quest to seek his destiny. Several weeks into his journey he is attacked on a mountain top by a clan of vicious harpy men (who did look very pretty I must say). He fights back but during the battle he slips and looses his balance on a cliff face and falls. A blue man appears and saves him but this is all he remembers, until a year later when he is suddenly on the mountain again. Now though, he is dressed as a warrior complete with brand spanking new weapon, cape and looking delicious – but with a touch of amnesia. You’d think things might be a little more smooth sailing from here for our gorgeous wild man Zahn, but his run of bad luck is not quite over yet! He is waylaid by the brutish Almesti and has to suffer more err… trials (OMG!) before his new powers make themselves known in the most interesting ways…This comic was seriously cool. The story has a lot going on because it’s the 1st issue so plenty of world building, back story and scene setting. It is not to the point of an info dump though and you really get the essence of who Zahn is as a character. New to the hero game he needs a bit of a shake up to take on his powers initially but once he gets going he kicks ass. He is seriously sexy and there is this hint of sweetness in him which appealed to me immensely. The love interest, Jonah is terribly smooth, and a dancer so he’s athletic and kinda bendy. Merow. And, finally Maymay who has been enchanted and is in the form of a cat. Whenever they’re in danger she goes back to her original form and turns into a feisty sidekick . She was wicked. There is this one scene with her fighting off a nasty beast with tentacles and she almost feels a little like a manga character with her pigtails and elaborate clothing.Patrick’s art is not only gorgeous but clever too as is the colour both he and Hernan did. They have both got an eye for what looks good and it is beautiful! There are a few pages that appealed to me in particular; the Harpy men, Maymay’s fight, when Jonah welcomes Zahn back with a seriously hot night at the inn and there was one page near the end that I thought was just wicked. It encapsulates several weeks of Zahn’s journey on one page. In each panel Zahn is fighting off a different nasty; so very cool. Of course the comic is also super sexy although the Almesti made my eyebrows nearly climb into my hairline. hehe. The scene’s between Jonah and Zahn are hot and appealed to my inner grub. And, was it just me or does Zahn have the sexiest ass? Merow. The little demons were rather fetching also, which was odd as they were the bad guys. Go figure. And, I definitely want to see more of the mysterious Blue Man.This is such a great comic and one I have now read several times. I will not even pretend to know the whole story line of Masters of the Universe but color me Conan – that I get. Conan movies in particular featured very high on the video watch list of my friends and I back in the day (Video you say? So old!! Ufff!). I swear I had the biggest crush and I also watched more Commando that you can shake a stick at. Which has very little to do with the beautiful art of Buscema and Alcala, I know! He was just so big and… well, BIG. The Conan comics can be checked out here. The art and story are tight and it was a total pleasure to read. If you’d like to get this goodness yourself you can check it out here at Class Comics. Also have a look at Patrick’s very cool online magazine Boytoons and have a nosey at an interview with him too, done by moi!http://sharrow.wordpress.com/2008/11/23/zahn-by-patrick-fillion/