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Rain on Roof

Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love - Franze, Andärle I can understand exactly what Franze and Andärle mean when they say that their style is; nifty and thoroughly in the details. This precision makes the world of Black Wade incredibly rich and one that you will want to revisit often.The opening is well scripted with a backstory that deftly gives you an understanding of Jack. A young man, engaged to the luscious Annabeth, but filled with forbidden desires for more masculine curves. Jack has great strength of character and integrity, but he is no match for the merciless pirate who captures him and subjects him to all manner of wicked, nasty goodness. Black Wade is a swarthy, likable rogue with much lustrous hair and beard. I'd like to give him pats. He also has rugby player thighs. These are the very best kind of thighs to have you understand! heh.The art is incredibly beautiful. The tension and lust between Jack and Black Wade is palpable and so incredibly hot. I think my favorite panels are of Jack when he is sleeping early on in the book and having some rather erotic and lickable dreams! I also liked the images of Wade lolling about in his room, ship, bath and bed. All of them! He is just lush. The whole book is so gorgeous and it is difficult to narrow it down to just one or two images. The emotion conveyed through the color is also a large part of what makes this such a memorable read and the moody, dark palate used in the picture of Wade on the bridge illustrates this point beautifully. Or, when Jack and Wade are in a clinch in one of the final cabins scenes the red is simply to die for.This is absolutely a must have and has to be one of my favorite reads I've purchased this year. It has everything, dashing heroes, star crossed romance, bad guys, knee breeches, ships, rope, leather boots and more swashbuckling than you can shake a stick at. Clever, beautiful, utterly romantic and total 5 star plus read.So, I liked it. Just a bit. heh.