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Rain on Roof

Grave Secret - Charlaine Harris Grave Secret is the 4th part of the Harper Connelly series. Really, Charlaine Harris can do no wrong in my books, but I must say this series and also her Lily Bard Mysteries are just a cut above. They’re deceptively simple, but with plenty of twists and turns to keep you going and female characters that I just love. Harper gets hit by lightning when she is younger and can see not only dead folks but the cause of their deaths. Her STEP brother travels with her helping folk out with the whole dead and dying thing and scoobyness ensues. It’s cool beans. AND can I just say, that he is not really her brother. They’re not blood relatives. So, no squick. HONEST! Wicked cool series. I really liked this series, but did find the end of this particular book wrapped up rather smartly.