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Lord of the White Hell - Ginn Hale The 2nd instalment of Ginn Hale’s Lord of the White Hell series begins with the boys returning to the Sagrada Academy after competing in an inter school tournament. Javier and Kiram are at odds after a night spent in a bordello with the Hellions, where it becomes obvious Javier will hide his true nature at any cost. Kiram returns to work stoically, but events conspire to throw him into Javiers path more often than Kiram would like. Danger still lurks and Javier and Kiram have to work together to fight the darkness that threatens to destroy not only Javier, but his friends and family too.Ginn Hale creates a rich, diverse world full of lush detail, characters and cultures. This last point is one of things I enjoyed the most; the starchy Cadeleonians were in such stark contrast to the warm and inviting Haldiim, although at times I think Nestor’s family bucked the trend, just a little! The structures, towns and surrounds were written in such beautiful depth that it brought the streets to life. Fine detail and pockets of enchanting world building that made this book, and the 1st novel, a pleasure to read.The story itself is seamless, with no unnecessary detail and each event builds the narrative. The growth of the boys didn’t stop, and their characters become more complex as they struggle with their feelings for each other and the effect their relationship will have on their lives, friendships and family. At times their path into adulthood is so difficult and painful, that their youthful actions feel all the more real for it.I loved this book. There is no being remotely level-headed about it really. At times I forced myself to put it down, because I read so damn quickly. I wanted to draw the experience out and savour it. Lord of the White Hell is so incredibly rich and Kiram and Javier are such special characters that it’s made me hope, rather fervently, that there will be more books to come. There is definitely the potential. I even wondered about secondary characters having a story, like Kiram’s brother Majdi and maybe even Elezar. Hello addict, much? heh.Astonishingly good, beautifully written and a story that will stay with you long after you’ve stopped turning pages.http://sharrow.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/lord-of-the-white-hell-book-two-by-ginn-hale/