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I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier

I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier - Crystal Rose I’ll Be Your Drill, Soldier by Crystal Rose has been a difficult book to rate. The beginning was rather choppy, but once it got into the army basic training it smoothed out a little. It was a procedural kind of writing, but with enough crisp character detail and insight into army life that I found it incredibly readable. Even though there was not too much focus on the romance at this stage, it was rather engrossing. The build up to the smexorin was smokin and I’d read it again just for that! The author states that this is most definitely set in a fictional world with regards attitudes towards homosexuality in the army. I felt, in spite of this, that the world building was good enough for me to suspend my disbelief with reasonable ease. What stops this book from being a total 5 star read is the pacing, head hopping and the many occasions I just wished the editing was tighter. Large parts of the book suffered from this and despite moments of brilliance, I think this is either going to be a book you’ll love or find hard going.http://sharrow.wordpress.com/2010/02/28/shorts-9/