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All the tropes.

This Other Country - John  Wiltshire

My thoughts on this book/series in no particular order.

This book has all of the tropes - amnesia, misunderstanding, terror plots abound, aloof billionaire, half blind dog and cute redhead kid. It is expensive, although a dollar less on Amazon and there is the odd editing error. Sometimes it seems like a stream of consciousness and kinda rambly. They never use lube and have never flagging junk. Ever. Ouch.

I should be rolling my eyes and scoffing at the ridiculousness of this series of books. But I've been immersed in it for a good week now and I am crushed the next book is not even out. It is bananas and I loved it. If you enjoyed the Special Forces series and have maybe delved into The Foxhole Court and like big, long rambly epics, then read it. You'll not be disappointed, only perhaps a little confused about why you enjoyed it so much. :)