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SO good.

The Understatement of the Year - Sarina Bowen

Hmm, I might have to recant on one of my previous reviews as this book may just be my favorite of the year. Of the universe, for ever etc.


Brief synopsis - Two Hockey players, with history meet again and there's love, stuff, pucks and fantastic sex scenes.


It had angst, but not nauseating want to boot characters in ass angst. It had romance, a plethora of likable characters - Bella in particular springs to mind. It had two hockey players, one in denial, making there way through relationship stuff it was so damn sexy, sweet and cool and... I've just run out of adjectives. Suffice to say, it was seriously cool. Read it. The rest of the series is not too shabby either.


PS They had massive thighs. Have I sold you on it yet? Maybe the whole masculine, beefy thigh this is just me?