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Finally found a word for it!

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Cool :)

Song of the Navigator - Astrid Amara

New online series for me.

Deeper into the Woods - Pia Foxhall

Liked it lots. 

This should be a comic book!

Family of Lies: Sebastian - Sam Argent

I really, really wanted to like this way more than I did. I loved the idea, love the characters but the persistent use of dialogue was a chore to wade through. I wanted more description, more scene setting and less yaking. I think if it was a manga, or comic it would have totally worked. Then I would have had more of a clue about setting and world building. As it was, this ended up a little disappointing.
One extra star for creative use of berries.

Treacle sweet.

Trust the Focus - Megan Erickson

Seriously sweet. Like an entire bottle of golden syrup. Plus a total hankey fest. 4.5 because Jus was a bit of a douche at times and acted like a tool.


Cold Feet - Jay Northcote

Oodles of ridiculous cuteness. Short read, but lovely in front of warm fire. 


The Deal - Elle Kennedy

Loved it much. Read it!

Loved it.

Heat Trap - J.L. Merrow

Adore this series. Tom is a keeper. 

Liked lots.

Misfits - Garrett Leigh

I often find ménage a difficult read and that they re just not quite real enough. This one however was just perfect and ticked all my boxes. Enjoyed it much. 

All the tropes.

This Other Country - John  Wiltshire

My thoughts on this book/series in no particular order.

This book has all of the tropes - amnesia, misunderstanding, terror plots abound, aloof billionaire, half blind dog and cute redhead kid. It is expensive, although a dollar less on Amazon and there is the odd editing error. Sometimes it seems like a stream of consciousness and kinda rambly. They never use lube and have never flagging junk. Ever. Ouch.

I should be rolling my eyes and scoffing at the ridiculousness of this series of books. But I've been immersed in it for a good week now and I am crushed the next book is not even out. It is bananas and I loved it. If you enjoyed the Special Forces series and have maybe delved into The Foxhole Court and like big, long rambly epics, then read it. You'll not be disappointed, only perhaps a little confused about why you enjoyed it so much. :)

Theses are the days of our lives.

The Bridge of Silver Wings - John  Wiltshire

This is like crack for me I'm afraid. Despite bonkers plot twists and OTT ness I'm in total like/love. There is no hope for me. 



Conscious Decisions of the Heart - John Wiltshire

This totally jumped the shark in places, but I really enjoyed it anyway. These guys seem to lurch from crisis to crisis, interspersed with some superbly written sex scenes. Marvelous. :) 4.5

Liked it lots.

Love is a Stranger - John  Wiltshire

Really enjoyed it. Bit like reading online fan fic maybe? Just long, bit of a choppy story but thoroughly enjoyed. Onto book 2, as book one ends on a cliff hanger. Not my fav trope. 


Moon Over Soho - Ben Aaronovitch

Hate US cover. It's really bugging me. Heh.


the book was good, but did seem somewhat similar to book 1. Concerned he has a formula. Will see how I go with book three, but it's not looking good. I do think they're well worth trying though. 


Midnight Riot - Ben Aaronovitch

Read this over the christmas and new year break. Liked it a lot. Police procedural crossed with urban fantasy. I prefer the Britsh cover and title. No idea why they need to change it for US market. 



The Kings Men is out! *faint*

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Question: do I get it NOW from smashwords or do I wait for the Amazon link and use my gift cards.....


Ugh. Decisions.